Sens Mile is Back!

Afte a year off the Sens Mile is back!  The Sens clinched their playoff spot with a win over the Islanders on April Fools’ Day.  The playoffs will start the week of April 9th, who and when the Sens will play will be determined over the next 7 days.


The Sens Mile movement started on Facebook by Cameron Bishop and Sarah O’Grady during the Sens 2007 run to the Stanley Cup Finals… despite the Sens checkered playoff history since 2007 the Sens Mile remains strong!

In 2010 Bishop teamed up with to grow the Sens Mile concept with the launching of



Every game night, until the Sens bring home the Cup, all Sens fans are invited to be out cheering on our boys on Elgin Street.

Decorate your cars, paint your faces, ask residents in apartment buildings lining the street to hang Sens flags out their windows or on balconies, encourage local businesses on the strip to decorate their windows, to put up big screen TVs, basically turn Elgin Street in to a sea of red and rock the centre of the city as we cheer on our team.

This is our time — the Cup belongs in Ottawa.  Let’s show our Sens how proud we are of them! And let’s show Canada that Ottawa’s fans are second to none!

GO SENS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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